In “Ball 1” I mentioned some aspects in which my own ePortfolio project is different to many other ePortfolio projects in an institutional context. The differences, I would say, culminate in the orientation towards students’ interest and development. This is not to suggest that other educators and ePortfolio practitioners neglect these aspects; in fact, with the theoretical contiguity to autonomous and lifelong learning and reflection, I am not sure if any undertaking which does not peremptorily take heed of the student perspective could rightly be called an ePortfolio project. Rather, it is to accept the fact that the primary goal of my ePortfolio attempt – although it takes place within an institutional setting – is to support students in their self-chosen intention to become competent and confident peer tutors for academic writing. Students invest much more time and energy into their peer tutor training than the institution realizes and appreciates. The training is not part of any set curriculum and so there is no need for summative assessment (assessment OF learning). As for formative assessment (assessment FOR learning), my hope is to find ways and mechanisms to transfer as much of it to the peers themselves as possible. „“JUGGLING WITH MANY BALLS – BALL 2″“ weiterlesen


Over the last two days I attended a workshop titled “E-Portfolio Implementation Strategy in Higher Education: Juggling with Many Balls”, lead by @marijveugelers. The following is not an attempt to give a detailed account of what has been said in these two days, but rather a way for me to get some things written down for further reflection. For an alternative take on the event, take a look at Michael Karbacher’s blog. „“JUGGLING WITH MANY BALLS” – BALL 1“ weiterlesen