Is conference tweeting a crime? #cccwrite prompt 2

2nd writing prompt for #cccwrite and I already found myself struggling. I am a week behind on this post, but I decided to not let it off the hook just yet. The prompt asks us to reflect on our experience with conferences, on what we learned and how we shared insights from a conference on campus. „Is conference tweeting a crime? #cccwrite prompt 2“ weiterlesen

3 notebooks at Paperworld

Last weekend, I attended paperworld, the international trade fair for stationery, office supplies and writing instruments, and I went there with a clear mission in my mind: to see for myself, how an industry that USA Today recently said was “dying”, would present itself to both insiders and outsiders. This is not a comprehensive wrap-up of everything I saw – it’s just a quick recap of three notebooks.

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Hindsight is always 20/20

This is the first post I’ll put out as a series in the course of the Reflective Writing Club (#cccwrite) which I found thanks to Laura, the dearest source in my G+ stream of old. Thanks Michelle for arranging all this!) I (for now) work at a university writing center in Germany and I occasionally teach writing in digital environments. I encourage students to blog for 12 weeks rather than hand in a seminar paper – and tbh one of the reasons is pure selfishness, as I enjoy reading blogs way more than seminar papers. (And, as far as I can tell, students enjoy writing blogs more, too.) I signed up for #cccwrite, because I like blogging in a community: the writing prompts and comments hold it together, they give things pace and six weeks sounds doable. „Hindsight is always 20/20“ weiterlesen

A PhD writing workshop for natural sciences

Usually, my workshops and consultations cater for the Humanities. Recently, I had a chance to see how an audience exclusively from the natural sciences would take to composition: In a workshop titled “How to write a PhD in Soft Matter Science”, I met an international group of 21 PhD students and gave it a go. „A PhD writing workshop for natural sciences“ weiterlesen

Comments on EATAW 2017 plenary panel

Over the last three months, I’ve had the chance to refer back to this years’s EATAW plenary panel time and again. Back in June, I found myself fidgeting on my chair while watching the stream, and I feel I have to write a few things down to get it out of my system. „Comments on EATAW 2017 plenary panel“ weiterlesen

Meme doors work. Period.


I started transforming my office doors into meme doors about one 1.5 years ago. Since then, I’ve seen people stopping by these doors on a daily basis. Two days before I’ll now present them at an academic get-together in honor of Bochum’s Writing Center together with @sdreyfrst, today I was lucky enough to record the following conversation in the hallway. It’s two students standing in front of one of my meme doors talking. Here the transcript: „Meme doors work. Period.“ weiterlesen

Data size can be so sexy

Today I came across the following on my sickbed:


My immediate reaction was “Alright, I see what you’re getting at, but the cohesion between text and image could be stronger.” Now of course I am not judging memes by a right-or-wrong-dichotomy – if it works for the original creator and made him or her feel good, the meme’s job is done (on the microscale). „Data size can be so sexy“ weiterlesen

Resisting distractions with binaural beats

We all know it’s not always easy to resist the distractions and sidetracks the virtual world provides. I lately came across this posting that offers “7 tips and tools to curb online distractions”. It mainly points to the need of finding find ways to focus – e.g. by getting rid of that fancy notion of “multitasking” and giving time management some thought when it comes to using digital media during your working day. Cirillo’s widely known Pomodoro Technique, which chops a loooong day of work up (ha-harrr – take that, Monday!) into handy 25-minute intervalls is just one example. „Resisting distractions with binaural beats“ weiterlesen