Here are some of my documents I felt like sharing. I put them up on this site because people keep asking me about them or they naturally re-occur in the discussions I have.

Mehrsprachige Studierende beraten – Handreichung für Peer Tutoren

English as a lingua franca: A Simplified Code?

For my Master’s thesis from 2007, I organized international discussion groups with speakers of English as a lingua franca. I  provided a discussion prompt and taped the discussions. In the analysis, I focussed on the gambit “yeah”: I wanted to find out about the conversational contexts and ways in which “yeah” is used in ELF discourse. I concluded that in the attempt to make the most of at times limited linguistic resources, ELF speakers use language with a creativity that, due to an underlying agreement on conversational behavior, hardly leads to open misunderstanding or conversational brakedown. The various communicative goals in the pursue of which “yeah” is used allow me to conclude that ELF should hardly be discounted as a simplified code.